So who is this guy your taking advice from anyway? How do you know I have any idea what I am talking about. Well, let’s start at the beginning.

My Name is Ed Neuhaus Jr., Edward to my mom, Milhouse to my friend on the road and Ed to most everyone else. I grew up in a Christian house, Attended a Baptist elementary school whet to an Episcopal church, was involved with the church youth and even was an acolyte. I have had extensive involvement with the church.

I got my start in lighting in high school when the school drama director somehow struck a deal with another high school for some more lights. Overnight we had 60 new/old fixtures. I spent many hours rewiring and cleaning these fixtures and I got hooked.

Later when I attended Belmont University I needed a work-study job and found the school’s auditorium needed a lighting director. My self and one other guy ended up being responsible for the lighting package at school. Belmont has many music majors who all need to do recitals. We were each running 10-15 events a week. Very quickly building my chops as an LD. Later I was hired by our school’s lighting vendor and the rest is history.

Profesional life

Once I was a “professional” I was working day and night doing shows. We did all kinds. Weddings and private parties, corporate, TV film, ballet, Broadway, and live concerts. I got exposed to a lot. In any given week I could be working for a Broadway touring musical one night, at the Ryman Auditorium the next night for a country show, Wednesdays was always working on the TNA pay per view wrestling show, Fridays and Saturdays would be spent lighting the social gathering of the week. I worked up to 100 hours each week while I was still a full-time student. Needless to say I did not have a typical college experience.

After college, I had so much free time I got an extra gig with my first tour. I worked out a schedule with my local employer to do 40 hours between Monday morning and Thursday afternoon so I could leave and go on the tour Thursday night through Sunday. That was fun and it gave me some extra income to save up for an engagement ring!

Once I was actually married I did not expect to ever tour again. I thought I would end up lighting manufactures rep in 20 years. God had other plans. More tours! I started working for several bands our of Nashville and toured for many years.

During this time I did shows in 48 states, over 400 cities, every Canadian province, 12 NFL stadiums, most NBA and college arenas, tons of casinos, and hundreds of theaters. I played a few dozen state fairs and end two NASCAR races. I have been a part of the lighting team on the ACM’s, CMA’s, and Grammys. I have done lights for Broadway touring shows, Ballets, Symphonies, Operas, and pay per view tv and reality tv shows.

I finally left the road right before we had kids and moved into the family business of Real Estate. Which I admit is a departure.

Life outside of the lighting world

Once I left the road life I realized my new gig in Real estate offered a lot of spare time. Hours and hours of boredom followed by seconds on terror. So I took on some hobbies. I got really into woodworking for a while. I built a crib for our kids and a few other items. Then I also decided to get my pilots license. That was completed in 2015 and have been having fun flying around the state ever since. But I always missed lighting, so I started working for our church one day a week on their lighting rig.

Which is what brought me to start this site. I thought it was time for me to figure out how to expand my reach. If lighting is a gift or talent that God has given me, how can I leverage that for the greatest good? So we here go. Happy reading.