ETC ColorSource Consoles

ETC’s ColorSource console family of fixtures seems custom built for a large variety of worship lighting needs. With an easy to use, built in touch screen and onboard tutorials, this is a great desk for first-timers. The ColorSource consoles are incredibility powerful, with the AV versions capable of cued video and audio play back. Which helps to lower the number of volunteers you need on a Sunday.

While this lighting console will program moving lights it is not going to be as easy as other desks. Traditionally a theater company ETC’s products are very cross-platform but designed for the theater space. Which sets a very solid foundation for anything you want to design with this kind of system.

Audio and Video playback

Feathers like audio and video playback could allow the lighting position to be a complete AV workstation. Video playback would allow for the lighting person to take over some of the control of iMAG slides making it possible for one person to do multiple jobs. With limited church volunteers, this would be a powerful addition to any system.

With a simple yet intuitive design these ETC ColorSource consoles are world class at a very attractive price point. But if you plan to use a lot of moving lights I suggest you look for a desk designed to handle those fixtures a little more efficiently.

ColorSource 20 and ColorSource 40
Available in two sizes, ColorSource consoles provide hands-on control designed for the latest technology. These affordable, portable desks specialize in streamlined, plug-and-play setup; the onboard fixture library makes traditional patching easy, and the console has the ability to recognize RDM-capable devices in the rig and auto-populate them in patch. Simply use the on-board touchscreen to drag each fixture into place on a customizable stage map, and you’ll be programming in minutes. Recording cues or working on the fly, these consoles have you covered. With faders that can be used to play back looks and effects or to mix the perfect color in your LED lights.

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ColorSource Console Range

There are multiple versions of the desk based on what you need to accomplish. From 20-40 faders and control of 40-80 devices. While I do not see a DMX channel limit they only have two DMX ports which will limit them to 1024. But more importantly, each model has a device model.

It is safe to assume that you can not connect 80 moving lights to this desk. You would not want to even if you could. That being said I think I could rock any room with 80 ColorSource fixtures.

Go rent this desk today and how you like it before you buy it. I think it would be worth it.

For more info on how to pick out a lighting console check out our buyers guide on the topic.

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