Chauvet Rogue R3 Spot

One of the newer Chauvet products is the Rogue R3 Spot. Which was launched towards the end of 2017. While still listed as “new” on the Chauvet website as of March 2019, this spot has been around long enough to get a following.

The R3 stands out above the R2x mainly with its zoom range of 13 – 37. The R2x and Rogue R1 each have fixed focal length which is not as desirable in my book. The zoom and the increased output over the R1 more than makeup for the difference is the price.

Zoom Range
Lamp Output

Fixed Color Wheel
Color Temp of 7,564k

If you have the money check out the Maverick MK1 or MK2, which add color mixing. They are about 20% more, so if you can’t afford it Rogue R3 is the way to go.

Rogue R3 Spot delivers intense output, crisp optics, sharp focus and maintains a value proposition designed to maximize ROI. This feature-packed moving spot has a bright 300 W LED light engine. That produces an even field of light, as well as rotating and static gobos, an 8 position and split-color enabled color wheel, and three facet prism to create stunning looks. A quick moving zoom range of 13 – 37° adds to its flexibility of use by giving the Rogue R3 Spot the ability to cover large areas.

Chauvet website

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