Top 4 LED Lekos for worship spaces

Thinking about upgrading your lighting package to a LED lekos? OR maybe you are starting from scratch and building from the ground up. Is power a concern? Do you already have some Lekos you want to add to? I will cover all that below, lets get started.

LED lekos come in two main categories. LED fixtures that can only produce white light and are colored by gel, and those that offer full color mixing. There are advantages to each, and hopefully I will touch on them just enough to help you make a call on which way to go.

ETC Source 4 LED

Source 4 LED series 2

Light quality is the driving force behind ETC’s LED product development. Countless hours have gone into creating tools worthy of the most professional applications, and the Source Four® LED Series 2 luminaire is the result of that dedication. With the brightest output and the boldest rendering of the colors you use most, the Source Four LED Series 2 introduces a whole new level of LED lighting that can be used anywhere.

If you already have ETC source 4’s in your inventory this would be the fixture for you. Without a dought replacing your current units with these would be the way to go over buying a different brand. These units use all the same lens tubes and accessories. ECT also sells several versions of the LED source 4. From the top of the line product simply called the Source 4 LED series 2, which is a color changing unit with a 7 led color array to the S4WARD which is a retrofit LED for all existing Source 4’s.

Elation COLOUR 5 Profile

COLOUR 5 Profile

According to Elation the COLOUR 5 Profile Ellipsoidal features a 180W RGBAM (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Mint) LED engine, >94CRI, 4,100 total lumens, with 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° interchangeable lens options (sold separately), (4) blade manual framing shutters, manual focus, supports B size metal HT transparency gobos, DMX controlled electronic strobe, dimming, and dimming curves, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, adjustable refresh frequency and gamma brightness, 5pin DMX and powerCON in/out connections, (4) button LCD control display panel, an integrated rigging yoke, quiet fan cooling, and a multi-voltage universal auto-switching power supply (100-240v).

Chauvet Ovation E-930VW

Ovation E-930VW

Ovation E-930VW is a high-performance, variable white ellipsoidal style fixture that utilizes our unique 6-color LED system. This fixture projects a bright, beautifully flat field of light in nearly any temperature of white with high CRI and CQS. Each Color Temperature setting can be further adjusted for +/- green to perfect the field of light. For times when a splash of color is needed, the fixture can also give you full control of each color of LED as well. Also the WFX new product of the year 2018

Sorry, no video available at the time of this writing. Chauvet if you send me one and I will do a review.



Its beam is crisp and precise, directing light only where it is intended: thanks to the SPX filter frame system there is zero light leakage, so no additional masking is required. With reduced fan noise, the SPX LED WW is also quieter in operation than comparable LED fixtures. Ideal for applications such as education, houses of worship and themed environments.

The SPX LED WW uses the same proven, high-precision, high-performance gate and lens sets as the renowned Selecon SPX Profile fixtures, with secure locking shutters, while other lens sets can be used with the universal lens tube adapter.

With the ability to be dimmed either via DMX or from a conventional forward phase dimmer, the SPX LED WW provides a smooth, stepless fade right down to zero, giving it the perfect dimming credentials for performance lighting.

Again no video, how will we ever see the product. Come on strand send us a demo.


If you made it this far it is probably because you don’t have many Lekos. If you do the choice is most likely already made for you. Buying any of these units with out the lenses is much less expensive. If you already have lenses from one one brand or another you are going to probably stick with it.

If you are really open to going a new directions there are a few things to think about. First LED units are a lot more expensive. A lot of what we do for churches is light the pastor. 99% of the time in white. Lights doing that job don’t need to be able to change colors. Those you want to be constant. You want to be able to lock them down both in regarding position and intensity, but also with color.

While is is great that some of these LED units can do any color that comes at a cost. First, over time LED’s do burn in and give up intensity over time. This could lead to your white not looking white very long. Also they change colors as they dim. Most manufactures have worked very hard to make LED’s look like incandescents when they dim. Which means adding in more red as the light dims.

There are uses for each and every one of these fixtures. If I was buying new LED fixtures I would be buying the majority of them with a fixed white and color the light with GEL if I needed to. A few places I can see the need for color changing Lekos, but I mostly use them for front light, so for me it would not be widely used. Also depending on the desk you are using it maybe easier to gel the fixture to get the correct color temperature than to use the onboard desk presets. No telling how accurate they are.

I hope this helps. Please leave your comments below. Tell me what you have in your church.

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